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NEW BEGINNER COURSE start from February 2015 (every Mondays, Frydays and  Saturday  5*90 min, 12.000,- ft) Apply on the reception!

NEW! SHOWGIRL FITNESS 1.,based on I. basic steps choreographed pole dance WORKSHOP! Only for those, who has already took part on beginner course ( 3*90 min, 7500,- Ft/ 3 times)

NEW! SHOWGIRL LATIN based on I, II basic steps choreographed latin pole dance WORKSHOP Only for those, who has already took part on showgirl fitness 1 course !  ( 3*90 min, 7500,-/ 3 times)

ADVANCED pole dance COURSE! 

Course leader: Kata Tilesch sports presenter, whose the Dollhouse Pole Dance and Pole Fitness dance studio. Courses are taking place on Saturdays, in small groups, cultured environment, on sport parquet floors, in mirrored fitness rooms!

Additional opportunities outside course: GROUP PRACTICE HOURS (group work with teacher) 2000 - / class / 60 minutes / person From Minimum: 3 people! (Opportunities: Wednesday,Friday 19:00!) The appointments are discussed with the teacher.

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INDEPENDENT PRACTICE HOURS (rod hire): 1.500, - HUF / class / 60 min / pers. 4 people! Appointment at the reception!

For bachelorette parties, other classs – by appointment

Refresher pole dance practice lessons: sign in at the reception or by teacher! 1 class 1800, 5 +1 season ticket 7500, 10 +2 season ticket 15,000! Get ready for the fall courses!

What is the pole dance fitness? The combination of dance and acrobatics, dance fitness and an increasingly popular form of what in Hungary most dance studios or gyms exercised. It is more widely spread and two types was formed: one of that is the pole dance that includes acrobatic elements and sensual dance moves, while pole fitness is more about acrobatics and puts more emphasis on the power elements.


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