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Wide range of the latest fitness trends, flexible class opportunities, combination tickets, professional teamwork characterizes the Mecsek Pecs Fitness’ timetable. You will find among the various types and dates where you feel the best, most suited your expectations, goals, for all the help you'll get from professionals by visiting us!

Mecsek Fitness: everything that is fitness!

Body shaping

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You can work each main muscle groups, strength, endurance during the class. After an intense warm up,there is the whole body program for the development of large muscle groups. For the implementation of exercises we use tools, barbells, rubber rope, step pad. The use of equipment varies depending on the personalities of the coaches. The program platform is recommanded for beginners as well.

Fat burning

Ongoing exercise are on medium intensity, essence of a basic steps, which was coloured with own body weight exercises. It aims to reduce the percentage of body fat content. Losing weight, fat burning does not happen just during training, but the process is that the weekly minimum. 3, up to 5 hour fat burning changes the body's metabolism "fat burning" mode.

Zumba Fitness (M-WE-F 18:00)

Simple choreography, gradual tempo! Toning the whole body! With guaranteed fat burning! Regardless of age, everyone can take! The amplifier section focusing on the hip muscles!

Fat killer (M-WE 17:00):

The ideal external and aesthetic muscles for all ages. The Body Fitness classes increase strength, endurance, speed, and we can be in addition an excellent fat burner! During the classes almost every muscle groups are moved. There are no identical workouts: a variety of exercises. Test your skill performance! You'll be the winner! Should you try it? Yes!

Abs-legs-botty ( Sat: 09:30)

Linear hour management, without choreography performed movement which lights up the muscle groups and critical attention to the beautiful shoulders, arms forming are carried out by 0.5 and. 1kg barbells. Many women tend to neglect, but this class is the right step do we get shapely, feminine upper body as well. The structure and implementation of the technique is similar to the body shaping fitness classes. For beginners and overweight fighters is highly recommended.

Spin. (30p)+Strenghtening (30p)

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This is a combined class for those who like variety, in addition to a cardio workout are the time to shape the body within one hour. The first half of class is under a ride tempo for different types of music. In the second half of the class is about body shaping with barbells. Intense, dynamic abdominal muscles exercises and then stretching follows. Recommended for beginners and those who want to ride a bike just half an hour!

Xco-training ( Tue-Thu: 19:00 )

XCO-training: Come and test yourself with one of the most popular fitness tool in Western Europe and Hungary! You can participate on a class that is fitness and body shaping at the same time with a special cylinder-shaped "live barbells". The oscillating mass inside the XCO-TRAINER™ is activated when the XCO™ is propelled forward and back with force, harnessing the user’s own momentum to create a powerful counterbalance to the exercise it is being applied to. The operating principle is that impulses are produced which induce the musculature to react to the stimulation with very fast contractions. This force is dependent on the power exerted by the exerciser making XCO™ training perfectly suitable for professional sportsman and senior citizens alike.

Benefits of XCO-Training: increase energy expenditure, up to 33% more calories burnt, increased metabolic rate and rapid fat loss, increased oxygenation and blood flow to muscles and chronic injuries, protects the joints, improves bone density, strengthens entire connective tissue system, increases stability in shoulder and hip structure, shortens recovery times

Dates: Tuesdays, Thursdays 19:00! Coach: Zita Szőke, international fitness presenter!

Body shaping with barbells 

You can work each main muscle groups. After a statically warm-up, the whole body program is for the development of large muscle groups. For the implementation of exercises we use tools, barbells, rubber rope, fitball, softball... The program is not jumpy, not choreographed, beginners and overweight will enjoy.

Cardio-party 90 min 

90 minutes of intense fitness training with 2 trainers, 2 class types. After intensive 30-minute ride we switch for kettlebell. During the cozy music are on-going strength exercises and weight training that can help you move your back, shoulders, hips and abdominal muscles.

Kettlebell fitness:(M-Sat 18:00)

One of the newest fitness trends in the Mecsek Fitness! Kettlebell Fitness: strength, agility, fat burning, fast results with barbells! Moves the whole body, intensive exercises, effective training sessions, which are varied and need concentration, in addition you can bring yourself into shape under a short time! The focus is mainly on the back, shoulders, hips and abs! The exercises based on continuing a series of non-choreographed movement for a good music. Very recommended for beginners, advanced, and athletes as well and everyone who likes a challenges!

Dates: Monday - Wednesday - 18:00,

HOT IRON:(M-WE-F:08:00, M 19:00, Tue 9:00, 17:00, Thu 17:00, Sat 8:30 Sun. 09:00)

HOT IRON: a group training technique where the strength of ability is emphasized, training plan and scientifically formulated developed prepared exercises help to get strength endurance condition that is under good music. The right posture and precise implementation of the tasks is highlighted. 1-1 hour hot iron agitate the whole body, participants’ exercise depends on the body weight and sports past and certainly whether male or female. A hot iron works under 8-12 week cycles with increasing weights, repetition number and changes in the exercises in order to the continuous improvement.

Kangoo:(Thu 18:00)

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Kangoo, sweat with us in autumn as well! With two youngest official Kangoo trainer Baumann Baumann Ákos or Dalma!

Sign in on the reception or by phone: 72/257-258

Kangoo is a dynamic form of workout, which is perfect for developing coordination skills, a sense of rhythm, endurance. In this type of training, you burn min. 25% more calories compared to other types of aerobics classes. It increases the oxygen consumption. Recommended for beginners and advanced users alike. Do not be afraid to join to professional team ...

Dates:Thursday 18:00 to 19:00

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