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We are waiting for you in Pécs-Mecsek Fitness in nearly 400 m2 with Technogym and Life Fitness strengthen and cardio machine parks. We offer personalized workout plans, personal trainers, introductory prices, combined season ticket options, protein bar, dietary supplements. The welcoming atmosphere, friendly mood satisfy all visitors. Strength machine park and free weights offer a wide range of opportunities to develop different muscle groups. Cardio machines provide a more efficient fat burning and endurance: which is recommended during barbell training for warming up muscle groups as well.

The machines and the fitness rooms enable the satisfaction the wide range of athletes’ desires. In case of special movements such as additional athletics or in their own sport as well - such as athletics, ball games, swimming, tennis, combat sports, etc.. – make our opportunities with a higher success rate to be effective. The accurate implementations of exercises, personalized training programs are helped by personal trainers and professional leaders at their disposal. We provide our guests the most modern training methods, and if required, we can give advice in connection with diet and nutritional supplements as well.

The purchase monthly tickets includes at the first time free description of the intended use of the machines, professional advice and a beginner base program. On demand you can ask appointments for personal training. Our goal is to improve quality of life, prevent disease, slow the progression of development of complications. Losing weight, optimizing personalized diet and exercise program in order to develop the physical fitness. Gym personal training.

HOT IRON: a group training technique where the strength of ability is emphasized, training plan and scientifically formulated developed prepared exercises help to get strength endurance condition that is under good music. The right posture and precise implementation of the tasks is highlighted. 1-1 hour hot iron agitate the whole body, participants’ exercise depends on the body weight and sports past and certainly whether male or female. A hot iron works under 8-12 week cycles with increasing weights, repetition number and changes in the exercises in order to the continuous improvement.

The TRX training increases physical performance of athletes. It increases the strength and sense of balance. It develops the muscles explosiveness, coordination and strengthen the so-called core muscles. It reduces the probability of injury. The basic practice of sports specifics continuously improved.

You can find more information about the special offers in the price list.

House Rules: into the gym can be entered only in appropriate sport dressed (running shoes, T-shirt, top, sport trousers). The flip-flops, sandals or bare feet are not recommended for training. Usage of all kinds of street shoes and slippers is forbidden! The Mecsek Fitness and Wellness Club trainers ,personal trainers, the manager and the receptionist has the right to call the visitor's attention to the appropriate sports clothing, shoes and towels to use !

The exercise machines ,tools and components used only at your own risk. After using the machines and tools has to settle the default position of machines. The trainers controls the right use of tools. The gym are not able to use under age of 16!

The monthly gym tickets not transferable !

The purchase of daily ticket is made aware of the policy.

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